What About Pure Hardcorism in Horizonte?

Horizonte 05

WAI has been featured in Horizonte

WAI’s manifesto Pure Hardcorism has been featured in the 5th issue of Horizonte Zeitschrift für Architekturdiskurs (Journal for Architectural Discourse). A joint effort of the School of Architecture, the School of Design, and the School of Media Studies of the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Horizonte includes essays, discussions, interviews, photographs, lecture excerpts and projects by a wide array of contributors that include Beatriz Colomina,  Eric de Broche des Combes, Scott Airlie and Juanito Olivarria (Luxigon), Lisa Buhler, Ana-Maria Simionovici, Felix Burrichter, Holger Wilkens, Stefan Gregory, Christian Rothe & Markus Postrach, Stefanie Muller, Andreas Kalpakci, Simon Weir, Ettiene Turpin & Lisa Hirmer, Kristian Faschingeder, Johannes Warda, Julian Siegmund Bielicki, Sofia Graffe, Dimitrie Stefanescu, Kenton Card and WAI Think Tank.
With texts in English and German, a fresh poster/cover, and cutting edge layout design, Horizonte 5 proves why it has been awarded the seal of quality red dot: best of the best, the bronze medal of the European Design Award, and the certificate of typographic excellence of the Type Directors Club of New York.

For more info on Horizonte go here.
To read WAI’s Pure Hardcorism read the WAIzine or stay logged on to WAI.

Horizonte 05 Backcover

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