What About “Cities of the Avant-Garde” Limited Edition?

Cities of the Avant-Garde available in limited edition of 50

A limited edition numbered and signed series (of 50 copies) of Cities of the Avant-Garde (100cm x 70cm) is available on request. The image includes some of the most important urban proposals of the 20th and 21st century, and proposes a perspective on the future of urbanism.

For more information write to contact@wai-architecture.com

What About Architecture?

Architecture is…

Architecture is a path, a process, a journey... it is never achieved. You can get to architecture but you can’t have architecture. You can aim at Architecture, but it will always remain elusive… Architecture transforms, changes, transmutes. Architecture is in texts, in collages, in images, in renders, in photography, in models, in drawings, in buildings…but Architecture is not text, collages, images, renders, photography, models drawings or buildings. Architecture exists in different mediums, but the mediums are not Architecture.

Architecture is an ephemeral state. Architecture is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Architecture can delimit space, but space is not architecture. Architecture excludes, discriminates… At the same time, Architecture embraces and welcomes… Architecture doesn’t have form, or texture, or materials, or building methods… A building can be architecture, but Architecture can’t be a building.

You can get a license to build, but you cannot get a license to do architecture. You can build all your life, write infinite texts, draft from the dawn until the morning, and still never reach architecture. Architecture could be poetry, but poetry can’t be Architecture. Architecture can be art, but art can’t be Architecture. Architecture can be in a discussion, but a discussion is not Architecture. Architecture is a mixture of elements, but those elements are not Architecture.

Architecture doesn’t win prizes… buildings do, practices do, architects do, publications do… Architecture doesn’t need curriculum vitae or a recommendation letter or a positive review from a critic… Architecture is indifferent to the public praise and the expert’s views.

Architecture is hard to understand. Architecture is mostly misunderstood. People talk about architecture, teach architecture, preach architecture, but they don’t know what Architecture really is… Architecture can’t be taught it school. Architecture can’t be taught at a design institute. Architecture can’t be taught at an office. Architecture can’t be taught. Architecture can just be learned.

Architecture is a process that comes from within… Architecture might seem like an end, but Architecture is always a beginning.

What About the AA?

WAI to be featured at the Architectural Association

What About It? Part 1 has been chosen as one of the 60 fanzines, magazines and journals to be featured in the Archizines exhibition in the Architectural Association in London from November 5 until December 14, 2011. The WAIzine will be showcased alongside publications of 20 countries around the globe.

The Archizines exhibition will feature printed issues of the magazines, and video interviews of the creators of the publications.

“Launched by Elias Redstone as an online research project in January 2011, with art direction by Folch Studio, Archizines celebrates and promotes a recent resurgence of alternative and independent architectural publishing. From the photocopied newsletter to beautifully bound magazines, each fanzine is a creative platform for the subject and the author. Together they provide a rich and unique window into how people relate to the spaces we inhabit.

Across the world, publications are cultivating architectural commentary, criticism and research. Bucking the current trend for digital media, architects, artists and academics are producing printed matter that adds a dynamic, and often radical, voice to architectural discourse.

Each magazine will be on show, while their authors will be represented in video interviews talking about their work.

An accompanying catalogue, published by Bedford Press, explores the relationship between architecture and publishing with contributions from Pedro Gadanho, Rob Wilson, Mimi Zeiger and other editors.”

For more information stay tunned to WAI.

What About the Catalog?

Exhibition Catalog Available in Limited Quantities

What About It? Exhibition Catalog is available by online order in limited quantities.

The booklet contains all the texts (Chinese and English), manifestoes and images displayed in the first solo exhibition of WAI Architecture Think Tank.

For orders please email us at: contact@wai-architecture.com with “Catalog” in the subject.

Chief Editors:

Nathalie Frankowski, Cruz Garcia

Guest Editors:

Ronald Frankowski, Stephanie Wang, Daya Zhang, Shiwa Tseng

Catalog Specifications:

42 Pages

Full Color

Printed in Beijing

210 x 148.5 cm


50 RMB + Shipping

70 HKD + Shipping

10 EUR + Shipping

12 USD + Shipping

What About the Exhibition Opening?

What About It? Solo Exhibition

Opening Saturday 3 of September What About It? WAI Architecture Think Tank solo Exhibition presented for the first time the research work, architectural and urban experiments on 798 Art District, the art epicenter of China.

The catalog will soon be made available to the general public.

For more info please email us at contact@wai-architecture.com with “Exhibition info” in the header.

What About It?

CU Space
706 Beisanjie, 798 ART Zone, Jiuxianqiao Rd.Nr.2 100015 Beijing, China
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 3, 2011. 6:00 pm
Exhibition: September 3 - September 17, 2011
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10:00am-6:30pm

开幕式: 2011年9月3号,周六,晚上 6:00
展览: 2011年 9月3号-9月17号
展出时间: 周二-周日10:00am-6:30pm