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WAI has been featured in DAMDI’s Newest Book: portfolio

WAI’s Portfolio has been published in DAMDI’s portfolio: 107 Portfolio for Work and Presentation. The five-volume publication features a Q’s and A’s section of WAI’s perspective on portfolio presentation, and more than 30 pages of the Portfolio of the Architecture Think Tank.

Damdi’s new publication, portfolio, contains the portfolios and the stories of 107 designers of various fields. Between them NL Architects, Manuelle Gautrand, JDS Architects, ECDM, Ofis Architekti, Triptyque Architecture, KNLB, IwamottoScott, Elastik and Concrete.

According to the publisher the concept of the book is “Several Men, Several Minds”. The main five colors used for case and cover design are Korea’s traditional color scheme ‘O-ban-saek’, meaning ‘colors of five different directions’. It reflects the variety of the designers and their characters. Ordered in alphabetical order, the volumes are divided in Black, Blue, Yellow, White, and Red. WAI is featured in the RED Volume, Portfolio 5.

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