WAIzine 2

The WAIzine 2 is Out!

What About It? Part 2 is officially released.
The new issue of the WAIzine includes projects, essays, manifestoes, poetry, research, collages of WAI Architecture Think Tank and conversations with Simona Rota, Bernd Upmeyer, Zhang Ke, and Perry Kulper.
Copies of the limited edition issue (numbered on a 100 series) can be ordered at contact@wai-architecture.com.

An online version is going to be released on ISSUU in the upcoming weeks (Check the first WAIzine here).
Stay tuned to WAI for more info. 

WAI co-founders and chief editors: Nathalie Frankowski and Cruz Garcia with the WAIzine 2

WAIzine packaging for the preservation of freshness.

WAI co-founder and Chief Editor: Nathalie Frankowski at the WAIzine 2 release party.
Two fingers in the air announce the arrival of the WAIzine 2.
WAIzine two in front of "the exhibition"
Nathalie Frankowski with the WAIzine 2.
WAIzines are out in numbered limited edition copies.


Jackie Panda with the Architectons at the WAIzine release

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