What About Ideological Monu?

WAI has been featured in Monu

WAI’s Post(Card) Ideological Icons has been featured in the 15th issue of the Rotterdam-based international Magazine on Urbanism, MONU. Under the exciting and polemic topic “Ideological Urbanism”, Monu includes interviews, essays, and projects by Wouter Vanstiphout, Beatriz Ramo (St+ar) Bernd Upmeyer, Patty Heyda, Thomas Ruff, Samir El Kordy and Ying Zhou, Brendan M. Lee, Adria Carbonell, Fredrik Torisson, Brendan Cormier, Christopher Pandolfi, and Simon Rabyniuk (DoUC), Michael Vermeulen, Gale Fulton and Stewart Hicks, Mika Savela, Wes Wilson, Geoffrey Thun, Kathy Velikov and Colin Ripley (RVTR), and Melissa Dittmer, Jamie Witherspoon, and Noah Resnick.

To order a copy online of this and past issues of Monu, including past issues including essays of WAI, go here.

To read WAI’s essay Post(card) Ideological Icons, stay tuned to WAI.

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