What About Archizines Catalog?

WAI at the Archizines exhibition / catalog

To go with the Archizines exhibition at the Architectural Association in London, Bedford Press releases ARCHIZINES, the exhibition catalog. With contributions from Pedro Gadanho (Beyong), Iker Gil (MAS Context), Adam Murray (Preston is my Paris), Rob Wilson (Block), Mimi Zeiger (Maximum Maxim MMXIloudpaper), and more, the catalog highlights the wide variety, and importance of independent publishing to Architecture. Curated by Elias Redstone the exhibition includes a global array of architectural publications, from the WAIzine (Beijing), San Rocco (Venice), Monu (Rotterdam), Conditions (Oslo), Mark (Amsterdam), Candide (Aachen), Critical (Paris), Log (New York), mono.kultur (Berlin), Plot (Buenos Aires), Soiled (Chicago), Friendly Fire (Porto), Generalist (Frankfurt), engawa (Barcelona), PIDGIN (Princeton, New Jersey), Pablo Internacional (Mexico City), MAP (Copenhagen), Junk Jet (Stuttgart), Too Much (Tokyo), P.E.A.R. (London), Preston is my Paris (Preston), to Horizonte (Weimar), and much more.

To get a copy of the catalog go Bedford Press.

The Schedule of the exhibition is: Friday: Press preview 10.00am – 12.00pm Private View 6:30pm-8.30pm

Saturday: Archizines Live at the New Soft Room at the AA

Printing Architecture - 3.00PM
A discussion on publishing practice in the digital Age
Chaired by Mimi Zeiger (loudpaper / Maximum Maxim MMX)
Tom Keeley (America Deserta Revisited)
Sebastien M. Barat (face b: architecture from the other side)
David Bauer (Horizonte—Journal for Architectural Discourse)
Matthew Butcher (P.E.A.R.)

Constructing Criticism – 4.00pm
A discussion on alternative forms of criticism and architectural discourse
Chaired by Veronique Patteeuw and Tom Vandeputte (OASE)
Benedikt Boucsein (Camenzind)
Tina Di Carlo (Log)
Ian Pollard (matzine)
Matteo Ghidoni (San Rocco)
Tiago Casanova (scopio)
Sebastian Craig (Touching on Architecture)

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