What About Shapes, Islands and Text?

Cruz Garcia at the studio

WAI, Garcia Frankowski and Vibok Works  present Shapes, Islands, Texts

WAI directors will be publishing with Sevilla-based Vibok Works a limited edition numbered (100 copies) book presenting paintings, poetry, collages and short essays exploring the activity of Garcia Frankowski.

About the contents of the Book:

Like a conceptual tryptique, Shapes, Islands and Text presents three working tools that although having the capacity to function autonomously, once placed on the same space have the potential to create new narratives. The publication focuses on three spheres of equal importance. The vademecum presents: Shapes that are explored through multiple strategies –from monochromatic paintings to collages of pure geometries; conceptualIslands that are not only independent from any all-absorbing discourse but that one next to each other constitute theoretical archipelagoes; and Texts that sometimes are pure form and other times are independent like islands in the ocean.

To access the crowd-funding campaign for the limited edition book go Shapes, Islands, Text.

Publication Details: 

Title: Shapes, Islands, and Text: a Garcia Frankowski Manifesto
Authors: Cruz Garcia, Nathalie Frankowski
Publisher: Vibok Works, INTELLIGENTSIA collection
Estimated Publishing Date: 1 / 12 / 2013
ISBN: 978-84-941464-7-3
Pages: 96 Dimmensions: 15x15 cm
Illustrations: Color
Languages: Spanish / English
Objective: Artist book of a limited edition numbered series of 100.

A version in spanish can be accessed here.

For more info on the work of Garcia Frankowski visit the webpage.

Nathalie Frankowski at the studio

Twenty One Black Triangles on White Background, Oil on Canvas, 2013. 

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