What About WAI, Khidekel, and Icons in Studio Magazine?

Cover Studio Magazine #03: Icon, Milan 2012

WAI  has been featured in Studio Magazine #03 Icon

The third issue of Milan-based Studio Magazine features WAI’s “Lazar Khidekel and the Possibility of a Revolutionary Architecture”. The magazine created by RRC Studio in Milan focuses on its third edition on the architectural icon, and  includes contributions by Klaus, BIG, Guido Tesio, Leslie Sklair, Franco Purini, Leopold Lambert, Alicia G. Yeste, Fake Industries, Nicola Emery, Jose Davila, Stefano Corbo, Leo Caillard, Scott Budzynski, Boa Mistura, Luis S. Baptista, Serafina Amoroso, and Clet Abraham.

The digital version of Studio Magazine #03 can be accessed in ISSUU.  

Spread with "Lazar Khidekel and the Possibility of a Revolutionary Architecture"

Back Cover Studio Magazine #03:Icon

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