What About Architecture Representation in Domus?

WAI has been featured in Domus

The issue 956 of the Italian Magazine Domus features an article by Ethel Baraona Pohl that discusses architectural representation today.

From line to Hyperreality dissects samples of the work of WAI, Aristide Antonas, Como crear historias, Perry Kupler, Equip Xavier Claramunt, Francois Roche , the School of Architecture (ESARQ) at UIC and Greg Tran to expose a “timeless dialogue between specific architects whose distinctive hallmark is the transmission of their ideas.”

Apart from doing a great job of bringing all these forces together by recognizing their contribution to contemporary architectural representation, the article’s innovative spark is reached through the enhancement of Augmented Reality. With the use of Aurasma (an application which combines image recognition technology with animated links on the net) several of the images in the article are brought to life.

In From line to Hyperreality, the collage “Cities of the Avant-Garde” sends the spectator through a journey into the subconscious of WAI with “Le Poème de WAI”.

Copies are in the newsstands and in your favorite bookshops now.

Get your online copy here.

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