What About Conditions?

WAI has been featured in Conditions Magazine

The second issue of the Scandinavian publication centers its attention on the topic “Interpretation and Copy.” The magazine also includes articles, interviews and projects by: Julien de Smedt, Joana Sá Lima and Anders Melsom, Alexander Maymind, Tor Inge Hjemdal, Alv Skogstad Aamo, Piet Vollaard, Baukuh, Rolf Hughes, Sören Grünert, Karen Crequer, Noa Haim, Brian Cavanaugh, Iwan Thomson, Richard Woditch, Quentin Le Guen-Geffroy, Justin Fowler, Anders Melsom and Pawel Druciarek, and Dahl & Uhre, 70°N.


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  1. It'd be nice if you can add more editions! I would like to read some of its articles too... I know, Scandinavian publications aren't bad enough, specially if we are talking about architecture.